Composite bonding.

Composite bonding is a procedure where our dental specialists can add a special coloured resin to your teeth to improve their appearance. Plus, it is absolutely pain free!

What is composite bonding?

Composite is the white filling material used in dentistry. Composite bonding is the use of high end materials that can be used on front teeth to build a new smile. Similarly to Veneers they do not wrap around the teeth they are only placed on the front.

Unlike Veneers and Crowns no preparation is usually required. The composite is placed by hand on each tooth slowly building it into the shape you want. The process does take a couple hours as getting the fine details just right is a skilled task.

Composite bonding has become immensely popular due to the lack of preparation and that they are cheaper than traditional crowns and veneers. Unlike ceramic used in veneers and crowns, composite does chip and fade over time. Composite bonding will not last as long as ceramic options. One key advantage is that they can be polished every 6-12 months to keep them looking their best. If they chip or break, replacing them is very easy and inexpensive.

Composite bonding process.

As mentioned before, the planning step is vital prior to starting any treatment. The diagnostic wax up will allow the dentist to know the finish you are looking for. At your appointment no numbing is required (unless you have sensitive teeth). The dentist will either build up each tooth by looking at the diagnostic wax up, this is called free hand, they may also use a clear gum shield to help shape the teeth, this is known as a stent. Each tooth will need to be completed individually. There will be a mixture of using the light cure (blue light), hand piece and gentle work on the teeth. At the end the teeth will be polished using the handpiece and you will review to ensure that you are happy.

We will arrange a review following the appointment to ensure that there are no areas that have chipped and that you are still happy with the end result.

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Treatment FAQs.

No pain at all. In fact the majority of people do not even have local anaesthetic as the process is rather gentle to existing teeth.
Composite bonding can easily be removed by a dentist and your teeth underneath will have no damage to them.
Composite bonding does not last as long as Veneers or crowns and usually will require replacement within 5 years.
Our Composite Bonding treatment costs start from £280 per tooth, this can be paid all at once or finance options are available.