Crowns & veneers.

Whether you’re looking to repair a broken tooth or have a full smile makeover. Become your most confident self with our crown and veener options.


If you have chipped, cracked or generally weak teeth, veneers might be a perfect solution for improving the appearance of your smile and strengthening your teeth.Veneers are also a option for front teeth that have had lots of fillings that ping off or are unsightly and for smaller teeth that have left gaps in the smile line. Veneers are ideal for treating uneven or discoloured teeth. It can also be used to close spaces between teeth that are too small for braces.Veneers are like fake nails that cover only the front surface of the tooth. Veneers are widely used to create naturally gorgeous smile.

Veneers are very common, however over the years the popularity of the “Hollywood Smile” creating teeth that are intensely white has died down. Most patients are looking to improve the colour but still want a natural smile. This is possible with veneers and working with patients allows us to create fantastic results.


Crowns are similar to veneers, however have slightly different indicaitions. They can be used for heavily filled, broken or decayed teeth. We often advise them after root treatment and are an excellent option for patients with heavy bites. A crown looks like a tooth shaped cap that covers the entire tooth and restores its strength and shape as well as improves its appearance.

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Treatment FAQs.

Veneers cover the front facing surface of the tooth and allow the appearance, colour and shape of a tooth to be modified. A bit like fake nails, although veneers sound better than fake teeth, we think! A crown typically replaces the entire surface of a tooth, and also it offers cosmetic benefits similar to veneers, it can help strengthen the biting surface and give a helping hand to weak or broken teeth.
The price will be broken down in to the planning stage, which will give you control on how each tooth will appear, the number of teeth requiring treatment and placement. Prices can start from as low as £35 per month.
The teeth will only look fake if you want them to be. We spend a lot of time in the planning stage making sure that your teeth are as natural looking as possible. We can also help improve the colour of your teeth.
Secure crowns and veneers can comfortably last up to and over 15 years. As we only use porcelain the lush sheen they have remains during their entire lifespan.
The planning stage will normally take a couple of appointments to make sure you’re happy. Once ready, the teeth are prepared by on the team and the new ones will be ready 2 weeks later. For those patients in a rush, we do offer a same day option, please contact us for more information.