Oral Surgery.

Having problems with some of your teeth? We have skilled experienced surgeons who can remove problem wisdom teeth, roots and fractured teeth that are maybe more difficult to extract than normal.

Wisdom teeth.

Some people may experience problems with their wisdom teeth. Often this can be treated conservatively, however sometimes the wisdom tooth may need to be extracted. In some cases, our team may choose to run a 3D Scan of the area to identify the nerve.

The overall treatment time can take between 15 – 45 minutes to complete. We understand that wisdom teeth treatments can be daunting, so our caring team are always at hand to make sure the treatment is as pain free as possible. We also offer sedation for nervous patients.

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Treatment FAQs.

The major difference between wisdom tooth extraction and other extractions is the position of the nerve. The nerve is suppose to sit underneath the tooth. However in many cases the nerve may sit very close to the tooth or even run through the tooth. As such there is a risk of temporary nerve damage for wisdom tooth extraction. However, this is in less than 10% of cases, and in the majority of cases the effects will wear off within a few days. Sometimes the position of the tooth can also be an issue. When there is not much space within the area to extract, this may require the tooth to be sectioned during the extraction.
It can take from 15 – 45 minutes to complete. Every case is very different so treatment times can vary.