General Dentistry.

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White fillings.

Cosmetic treatments such as white dental fillings have replaced old silver amalgam fillings as the first choice to restore decayed teeth. They can be shaped to look like a tooth, making them unnoticeable and can usually be completed in one appointment.

Scale & polish.

As we eat our food, some of it will stick to our teeth at the gumline. This builds up over time leads to a hard substance known as calculus (tartar). This can be yellow in colour, however if we drink things like red wine, smoke or have dark coffee it can stain our and appear drown or balck. This is the number one cause for discoloured teeth. If left untreated the calculus will cause inflammation to the gingivitis (swelling of the gums) that cause them to bleed. If left untreated for a longer period of time it can cause gum disease ( periodontitis) that can lead to gum recession, sensitive teeth, wobbly teeth and often people can loose their teeth altogether.

Regular scaling will remove the calculus and prevent this from happening. In some cases we advise that patients have scale eery 3 months, especially if they have wobbly teeth or lost teeth in the past. The other advantage of a scale is that it improve the colour and reduces long term staining leading to whiter teeth.

Root treatment.

After a tooth has decay and the process has extended further than a simple filling a root canal treatment may be required. Sadly the term has a very poor reputation, however if planned for it can be a painless procedure.

The tooth is completely numbed, the nerve and pulp of the tooth are removed, the tooth cleaned and all infection removed. The inside of the tooth is shaped to allow a gentle material to be placed into the tooth. A filling will be placed to seal the tooth. Study show that having a good seal leads to a better result, as such we advise that a crown is placed on all root canal treated teeth.

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Treatment FAQs.

Only the very front teeth can be white on the NHS, however perfectly blending the materials to fit the teeth seamlessly is a procedure usually suited to a private filling.
Scaling gets rid of the tartar (calculus) build up, it help the gums recover and stop them receding, it can stop bleeding gums and make your mouth a much healthier place to be. An added bonus is that as the tar taris removed your teeth will appear noticeably whiter.
When we are trying to calm a tooth that is causing significant tooth ache, sometimes it can take a few doses of anaesthetic to properly numb the tooth. We do everything in our power to ensure that this is as painless as possible. In some occasions we may have to put a dress on the tooth and re book another appointment. This dressing will calm the tooth down allowing us to go back in and clean the tooth out in a much more comfortable environment.